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Homelands Gourmet is a Central Alberta company based in Red Deer County, Alberta. We are purveyors of fine birch and maple delectables. For many years food artisan Hope Lester was a stay-at-home Mom and school volunteer who loved to bake, cook and preserve food. When her youngest child left for university she found she had to do something with her time. So she started to cook, preserve and create. In 2016 Homelands Gourmet Products was incorporated and Hope began attending Craft Shows. Her husband Alan Griffith joined her on weekends in the kitchen as sous chef and, along with our children, attended the shows. In 2017 Alan retired from his career and joined Homelands Gourmet full time. His valuable work in the office freed Hope to pursue the more creative side of the business resulting in the introduction of new products. In 2017 Hope dreamed of creating a product to provide parents with an easy, tasty alternative to frozen entrees. A home cooked meal to gather round at the family table. Thus the Homelands Gourmet Slow-cooker Kits were born.

Hope is committed to continuing her quest for delicious foods for your pantry. Working within her original commitment to birch and maple syrup delectables, she strives to use the chemistry of food to make preserves without added chemical agents such as sodium benzoate, opting to use the natural preservative properties of the ingredients, adding Vitamin C as a preservative only when necessary. 

Our location in Red Deer County means we can deliver our foods to Calgary, Edmonton and Central Alberta travelling less than 100 miles to do so, reducing our carbon footprint and yours.